Featured writer: Amy Zavatto

Amy says that's chicory coffee in the cup. Not bourbon.

Among the roster of fabulous writers we have lined up for Think.Drink, we have the talented (and prolific) Amy Zavatto, who writes wonderfully colorful articles about wine and coffee, among other thirsty topics. Amy is also the author of several books, including The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Bartending. A bit more about this one-woman whirlwind:

Amy Zavatto currently has 6 different kinds of coffee on her kitchen counter and a really overpriced, shiny espresso machine that she treats like a child prodigy.

When she’s not over-caffeinating, she’s thoroughly engaged in a deep, unrelenting love of her favorite depressant, wine, a topic for which she recently received Advanced Certification standing from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust. Fancy!

She’s a Contributing Editor to Imbibe magazine, and her work also appears in Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine, the Edibles, Toque, Frommers.com, and as many others as her typity-typing fingers can handle. She lives and cooks an awful lot in Staten Island, NY.

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