Drink.Think photos!

A great big THANK YOU to everyone who came out last night for Drink.Think!

I loved hearing from all of the fabulous beverage writers, and got such a charge out of seeing everyone who came out to support the writers. The space was packed to standing room only. We sold a lot of books – I know that Boozehound sold out, though I didn’t check on the others. We had some great tipples to try — my personal favorite was Ramin Ganeshram’s homemade ginger beer (which we sipped as she read a piece on the same).

And it was especially heartwarming to be asked, “So when’s the next one?”

Doesn't it look like Noah Rothbaum is doing standup comedy? Felt like it to us too. His piece was hilarious!

Alice Feiring gave us a sneak preview of her new book.

Jason Wilson read an entertaining passage about absinthe from his new book. No wonder his book sold out!


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1 Response to Drink.Think photos!

  1. I am sorry I could not make the event. Glad all went well.

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