Featured writer: W.R. Tish

Some writers seem to be so damn serious about wine. Not this week’s featured writer, who actually creates stand-up comedy routines about his favorite tipple.

W. R. Tish, known to many simply as Tish, has been writing and speaking gastronomically for more than 20 years. He spent much of that time as the editor of Wine Enthusiast, back in the day when print ruled the wine world.

He now writes frequently on wine for the trade publication Beverage Media; and via his NY-based wine-event firm Wine For All. What most people call eating and drinking, he gets to call research and development.

Tish specializes in comedy (he does standup as a “recovering wine critic”) and is considered an authority on both industry trends and wine education. He also teaches regularly at Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan, and recently launched New York Wine Salon.

Stand-up wine comedy, you say? Come out to Drink.Think on Tuesday, March 1 see what all the funny business is about!

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