Featured writer: David Wondrich

I’m beyond thrilled that cocktail historian David Wondrich is among the roster of stellar writers you’ll hear at Drink.Think on March 1.

David WondrichHere’s his official bio:  David Wondrich is the James Beard Award-winning author of Imbibe! as well as his latest book, PUNCH:  The Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Bowl. He is contributing editor at Saveur and a cocktail writer for Esquire, among other publications. He lives in Brooklyn.

But guess what:  there’s much more to the multi-faceted Wondrich than that concise, polished bio suggests. In fact, here’s 4 unofficial tidbits you won’t find in Wondrich’s official bio:

1. The New York Times once called him “a living iPod of drink lore and recipes.”

2. To my knowledge, he’s he only mixology expert ever to guest on the Stephen Colbert show. Click here to watch Wondrich make “The Colbert Bump.”

3. “Professor” is often a term of endearment/respect for bartenders. But you can use it with Wondrich in many capacities, since Dr. Wondrich holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from New York University. 

4. He’s a fine storyteller, yes, but Wondrich also mixes a mean drink. He created the cocktail menu for the Chickenbone Cafe, one of the early ventures of chef/restaurateur Zak Pelaccio, which included The Bone:  a concoction of 101 proof Wild Turkey rye, lime juice, simple syrup, and a vicious dose of Tabasco. The food-friendly shot was often served on a plate, encircled by slices of beef, together called “Beef on the Bone.” More recently, he was a guest bartender at Pelaccio’s pop-up bar, Fatty Johnson’s.

If we ask nicely, maybe he’ll make us a tipple at Drink.Think? Only one way to find out. Be there on Tuesday, March 1.

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