Meet the Sponsor: Sonoma-Cutrer

As you may already know, Drink.Think is a FREE event. That’s right, no cover charge, no 2-drink minimum (though we’d love it if you’d order drinks from the bar at Jimmy’s No. 43!) But to help defray some of the expenses associated with the event, I’m experimenting with taking on a couple of sponsors for the event. 

And I’d like to introduce you to one of those kind sponsors today: winemaker Sonoma-Cutrer.

Sonoma-Cutrer is a California-based vintner (Sonoma, natch) best-known for producing award-winning Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

At every step from vineyard to bottle, Sonoma-Cutrer wines reflect their superior origins of soil, climate and vintage. Each of the wines is a study in elegance and complexity: straightforward at first, then evolving in the glass, developing new character, leading to a long, exquisite finish with beautifully balanced fruit and acidity.

Come out to Drink.Think on March 1; we’ll be pouring samples courtesy of Sonoma-Cutrer!

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