Featured writer: Joshua M. Bernstein

“You can choose between the hilarious Bloody Mary hipster shot, or the deranged turkey photo,” Josh Bernstein offered in his email to me.

And right there, that told me all I needed to know about this Brooklyn-based journalist and critic, who writes about beer, food, spirits, travel, and bikes. But especially beer:  his book on the global craft-beer revival, Brewed Awakening, will be released this fall by Sterling Publishing.

When he’s not contributing to Imbibe, New York, Time Out New York and New York Press, where he writes the weekly Gut Instinct column, Bernstein spends his days pedaling his trusty bike around New York City, searching for oddball characters, crisp pork-and-chive dumplings, curious eats, cool pints of properly poured beer and bars that are as frightening as their drinks are strong.

In addition, he leads a monthly tour of New York’s finest homebrewers. Visit him at: joshuambernstein.com.

Come out on June 15 to Lolita to hear more from Bernstein. Will he be reading about beer or Bloodies? Only one way to find out.

Now…what’s this business about having to choose between photos? Screw that. Here’s the “deranged turkey” shot, too. You’re welcome.

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