Featured writer: Talia Baiocchi

I’ve been told that referrals are the best way to find good people — that you’ll always be happiest when a trusted friend recommends a repairman, a doctor, a dinner companion.

So when Drink.Think veteran and James Beard award-winning wine writer Alice Feiring recommended Talia Baiocchi for June 15’s reading event, I knew she had to be good people.

Her bio tells only part of the story:  wine writer living in NYC. Former editor of WineChap.com; current weekly wine columnist for Eater.com New York and National; regular contributor to the wine-lovin’  San Francisco Chronicle.

But a closer look at her writing reveals more, particularly the sassy, accessible tone Baiocchi puts on for her Eater column. A quick skim of interviews reveals another piece to the puzzle — I especially like this Daily Meal Q&A, in which she derides the common wine descriptor “jammy.”

“That’s sort of gross,” she scoffs. “I don’t want to eat my wine with a spoon.”

I’m looking forward to hearing what this up-and-comer has for us at Drink.Think. Be there on Wednesday, June 15 if you’d like to hear as well.

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