Featured writer: Jenny Adams

One of the great pleasures of hosting Drink.Think is that I get to meet so many talented writers — including some that I feel like I already know…sort of…thanks to mutual friends and editors. “Haven’t you already met XXX?” seems to ring in my ears sometimes. “You were at the same event last night, I saw you were standing right next to each other.”

This week’s featured writer, Jenny Adams, falls into that category. I’ve been reading her insightful stories for years, and I bet you have too. This multi-faceted writer and photographer regularly contributes to Imbibe, Black Card, Arrive, Private Clubs and Yahoo Travel. She’s been the bar columnist for the Miami Herald since 2008, reporting on great places to grab a drink around the globe. This year, she also took on the role of blogger/photographer for Garden & Gun magazine for their “Southern in the City” posts, and she will report on food and beverage internationally as a columnist for Yahoo Travel’s upcoming blog, set to launch this fall.

Her first book, Mixing New Orleans was published in 2007 and her second, The Hotel Monteleone, the Heart of New Orleans Since 1886 came out in 2011.

Luckily, I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jenny in person, thanks to Amy Zavatto – another Drink.Think alum, of course. “I’m sure you’ve met before,” she said breezily, by way of introduction.

Come out to Casa Mezcal on Tuesday, Oct. 16 to hear Jenny Adams read from her work. Besides, you never know who will be standing right next to you. It even might be someone you already know…sort of.

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