Featured writer: Laura B. Weiss

What’s this? You thought that Drink.Think was only about booze? Au contraire! There’s always a wild card. Previous events have included fascinating readings about coffee, tea, ginger beer, even milk.

So why not ice cream sodas?

For this thirsty-making topic, I can think of no one better than Laura B. Weiss, the multi-talented author of Ice Cream: A Global History (Reaktion Books/University of Chicago Press), which covers the tasty histories of gelato, soft-serve, Indian kulfi, even dragon brain ice cream (I kid you not).

Laura’s other credentials include a stint covering Congress. “Even though I spent my days writing about politicians, I managed not to turn into a total cynic,” she quips.

She’s also been a reporter and editor for CQ Weekly, TIME and Library Journal, and has written about food and travel for The New York Times, The Daily News, Travel + Leisure, FoodNetwork.com, Saveur (November 2012 issue), Interior Design, AOL Travel, Fineliving.com, Edible Brooklyn, Edible East End, The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink, and Nation’s Restaurant News.

Come out to Casa Mezcal on Tuesday, Oct. 16 to hear more from Laura. I can’t promise that we’ll have ice-cream sodas on hand, but I do promise that no one will go thirsty.

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