Featured writer: Alia Akkam

You’ve heard the expression “six degrees of separation,” as well as the tongue-in-cheek “six degrees of Kevin Bacon.” Well, in the drinks world, I say we’re all separated by six degrees of Alia Akkam.

Alia seems to know everyone in the biz – and everyone knows her too. (In fact, I think it’s an official requirement if you reside in Queens, since she edits the awesome Edible Queens pub). And who wouldn’t want to know Alia? One look at that photo, and you just know the woman is a firecracker, bubbling over with energy and great stories.

Here’s the official bio:

Ever since her soap opera-inspired short stories hung on the wall of Fork Lane Elementary School, Alia Akkam knew a writing career was in the cards. Today her life revolves around the cultural intersections of food, drink, travel, and design. When she’s not interviewing architects and designers as managing editor of Hospitality Design magazine, she’s eating her way through her favorite borough as editor of Edible Queens and penning stories on restaurants and cocktails for outlets such as Paper and Liquor.com.

Come out to Casa Mezcal on Tuesday, Oct. 16 to hear Alia read from her work. The bar will be open at 6pm (including complimentary mezcal samples from our sponsor Montelobos Mezcal), and the reading begins at 7:00.

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