Featured writer: Camper English


If you’re in any way connected with the booze writing world, you likely already know this week’s featured writer, Camper English. In fact, I’d venture that he’s probably the best-known spirits writer in the Bay area.

Surely you’ve spotted his byline:  Camper is a regular contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle, Details.com, Mixology Magazine (Germany), and CLASS Magazine (UK), and is a columnist for ShakeStir.com and FineCooking.com, when not writing for his own website Alcademics.com.

But that’s only part of the story. After all, Camper won the Best Cocktail Writing honor at Tales of the Cocktail in 2011 and received a Legends Award at San Francisco Cocktail Week in 2012. So perhaps he’s one of the best-known spirits writers in the country!

But wait….there’s more:  Camper has traveled to nearly 90 distilleries, blending houses, and bodegas in more than 15 countries and has judged cocktail contests on three continents. Might Camper be the best-known spirits writer in the world?

Come out to Cantina on Tuesday, Feb 5 to hear more from Camper about his hooch-driven travels around the Bay area and beyond.

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