Meet the sponsor: Karlsson’s Gold vodka

karlssons-gold-bottle3As you may already know, Drink.Think is a FREE event. That’s right, no cover charge, no 2-drink minimum (though we’d love it if you’d order drinks from the bar at Cantina!) But to help defray some of the expenses associated with the event, I usually take on a carefully-selected sponsor or two for the event.

And I’d like to introduce you to one of those kind sponsors today:  Karlsson’s Gold vodka.

The “farm to bar” story behind Karlsson’s begins in a small part of Sweden known as Cape Bjäre. Here, in 2001 local potato farmers were in jeopardy of losing their family farms to the golf clubs and resorts that were taking over the picturesque region.  Peter Ekelund, a Swedish entrepreneur who owns a farm in the area, suggested they create a co-operative to help clean, sort and process their unique Virgin New Potato crop, also known as “Farmer’s Gold.”  Later, Ekelund took this initiative a step further when he enlisted a Master Blender to turn those potatoes into vodka, using a traditional approach designed to maximize the spirit’s character and natural flavor.

Come out to Drink.Think on Tuesday, February 5. We’ll be pouring samples courtesy of Karlsson’s Gold Vodka!

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