Meet the sponsor(s) – Devil’s Cut & Jacob’s Ghost

As you may already know, Drink.Think is a FREE event. That’s right, no cover charge, no 2-drink minimum (though we’d love it if you’d order drinks from the bar at Tavernita!) But to help defray some of the expenses associated with the event, I usually take on a carefully-selected sponsor or two for the event.

And I’d like to introduce you to our kind sponsors today.

Devils_CutFirst up is Devil’s Cut. This is a relatively new product, crafted to showcase particularly bold oak and vanilla notes. This bourbon plays off the name given to spirits as they evaporate from barrels (or soaks into the barrel itself) during the aging process – the so-called “Angel’s Share.”

By comparison, Devil’s Cut is created using a proprietary process that actually pulls the whiskey trapped inside the barrels’ wood after they’re emptied. That barrel-treated extract is then blended with 6 year old bourbon and bottled at 90 proof.  In my opinion, this robust whiskey lends itself particularly well to Manhattans fortified with sweet vermouth and plenty of extra cherries.

Jacob's GhostNext, I’d like to introduce you to Jacob’s Ghost. Another newcomer, this white whiskey is neither moonshine nor unaged whiskey — it’s actually an aged whiskey, rested for one year in white oak barrels. It has only the faintest tinge of color. One poetic type even described it to me as having a “Champagne” hue.

Instead of the sharp bite that many white dogs have, this one drinks more like aged whiskey:  it’s a more standard 40 proof, and has some of the light vanilla notes that oak aging provides. It should make for a versatile counterpart for cocktails — feel free to test that thesis at the event.

Come out to Drink.Think on Tuesday, April 23. We’ll be pouring samples courtesy of Knob Creek and Jacob’s Ghost!

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