Featured writer(s): Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen

Double trouble, these two!

Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen, aka the World Wine Guys, are wine, spirits, food, and travel writers. They’re also a helluva lot of fun to have around (as if you couldn’t tell from the michievious grins in their photo at right.)

When not traversing the globe, they divide their time between their homes in NYC and southern Spain. They are Wine Enthusiast’s Entertaining and Lifestyle Contributing Editors, and in addition to many magazine articles, the duo have written chapters for The Ultimate Wine Companion and Barrels & Drams: The History of Whisk(e)y in Jiggers and Shots. (Note – a preview copy of this book just landed on my desk, and I’m having a blast reading it.)

They are very excited about their two books to be released in 2012: The Fire Island Cookbook (Simon and Schuster) and The Complete Wines of the Southern Hemisphere (Sterling Epicure). Their hobbies include chasing the harvest wherever grapes are grown, and dinners with chefs, family and friends, and winemakers.

Come on out to Lolita Bar on Wednesday, October 19 at 7pm — this dynamic duo will be reading from their work, and stirring up some bibulous mischief.

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